Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17, 2016

                              Hello family and friends!  Well, another good two weeks on the 
                        mission to blog about.  We went to a wonderful Elephant Sanctuary.
                        It is about two hours from Bluewater Bay.  They have five elephants
                        there and three are very tame.  We were able to walk them with their 
                        trunk in our hand and they kind of guide you with it.  We got to look
                        inside their mouths and ride them.  They also did some tricks for us.
                        I LOVE elephants and these were very wonderful. 

         Next door to the Elephant Sanctuary is a Monkey Sanctuary and a Bird one also.  We were able
    to see all three and still get home before too late.  We saw ten different types of Monkeys and also
    a big old turtle that was walking around.  Between the Elephants and the Monkeys was a parking
    lot and when we went out to walk over to see the Monkeys we saw a couple of Wild Baboon fam-
    ilies hanging out and playing together.  It was so fun to see all of them and also lots of beautiful
    birds that we had never seen before.
                            Last Saturday after we listened to Conference in a chapel at the town next
                      to our we had a  baptism.  Well, actually three kids got baptized and I think
                      their mom will be baptized soon as well.   This is Elder Slade and also our
                      Branch President, President Zitsu.  I think he is in his early thirties.  Motherwell
                       has been a branch since 2012 and he has been the President the whole time.
                      He is hopeful that when we become a Ward that they find a new Bishop.
                           The youngest boy who got baptized is in Primary with me and is very nice
                      and fun.  He was very excited to get baptized and always had lots of questions
                      for the missionaries when they would go over to teach them.
                          Last Tuesday on our P-day we went to a place called the Joan Muirhead
                     Reserve in Kenton on Sea.  It was such an amazing beach and we were pretty
                     much the only ones there.  I didn't know what the area was called till we got
                     there and it was fun because my sisters maiden name was Joan Muir.  The
                     beaches here are amazing.  It is fall here now but the weather is still beautiful,
                     especially on the couple a days a week when its not windy.
         I took this picture of Grandpa so you could see how nice the beach is but it was about three times that wide and very long as well.  You can kind of get an idea from the map of it above.  It was
a beautiful day and we were wishing we had wore our P-day clothes for the beach.   There was a lady
selling fresh pineapples on one of the corners at Kenton on Sea and they were 10 Rand each or 68 cents.  They were delicious!!!
                           This picture is for Laurie, Elder Johnson's Mom.  This is his happy, surprised
face last Monday when we had the surprise birthday party for him and Elder Slade.  Elder Johnson's
birthday was tuesday the 12th.  It was so fun surprising them.  They thought they were going
to meet a new Family at a members home for family home evening.
                                They are great missionaries and we really feel blessed to get to work with
                           This picture is for Marty, Elder Slades Mom.  Elder Slades birthday was
                      the March 21st and were didn't find out about it till last week so we celebrated
                      them together.  The picture below is of them having their  first dinner at our house
                      with Elder Johnson , a couple of weeks ago.  
                      Thanks for all your love, prayers, and support.  We love and miss you all.


  1. My kids loved the picture of you guys riding the elephant! That is so crazy!! We LOVE reading about your adventures!

  2. That above comment was from Chelsie... :)

  3. It is so fun to read how and what you guys are doing. It sounds like you're doing great and the younger missionaries are lucky to have you! Keep up the good work!
    -Cami Wall