Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Feb 8, 2016

       Hi -  Today is Pday for the elders and we are the MotherWell Elders only transportation till transfers on the 17th so we took them into Walmer to E-mail and then took our district to lunch for
Trent's Birthday.  Wish you could have been here Trenton.  They are a great group of Elders.  We really enjoy them and ask them lots of questions.   We learn alot about the areas and places in the mission from them and when we have district meetings we learn alot about the gospel and teaching.
     The tall Elder holding the sign is Elder Heninger from Salt Lake and his Aunt used to be in our ward in Snow Canyon.
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRENT,   we love and miss you all but are doing great and being blessed.

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