Wednesday, February 24, 2016

                 Hello, friends and family,
                        We hope your all doing well.  Here are some of our pictures of
                 the last week or so.

                                      This is a picture from monday night the 22nd of Feb.  We
                                   had a family home evening with these two sisters from the
                                   branch.  Their mother went in her bedroom because she isn't
                                   active.  Xolani, the young man in the brown jacket is about
                                   done with his papers to turn in for a mission.  He gave the
                                   lesson from a conf. talk called "All Is Well" about the pio-
                                   neers.  He did a great job and was explaining to the sisters
                                   that the pioneers had to go so far and "they had to go by feet".
                                   That was his way of saying they walked. :)    

                                 Our new Elders are Elder Slade and Elder Heninger.  We 
                                brought Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner and I can tell
                                you that the side dishes did not look like the ones at home.
                                I was full so didn't have to eat any of it. :)  These two girls
                                take turns leading the music for Sacrament each week and
                                have pretty voices.


                      Oops,  Grandpa is gone and I am trying to update this by myself and 
                    thought I was putting in a picture from our trip to Jeffery's Bay last friday.
                    This picture was taken when we had been in South Africa for two days.
                     We are in Cape Town and that flat mountain behind us is a famous moun-
                     tain called "Table Mountain"  It usually has some clouds sitting on top of 
                     it and they call them its tablecloth.  The picture above this one is the one 
                     of Grandpa on the deck of our hotel room at Jeffery's Bay.  It is very pretty
                     there.  The room on the beach there is about $125.00, everything over
                      here is much cheaper than at home .
     These kids are beautiful and amazing!!!  They get so excited when they see our car
coming to the
little park by their houses.  Last week after we took the first group of pictures back to
them we had them in envelopes with pass along cards and the next day one of their Dads
texted for the free video and the Elders took it to him and asked him how he heard
about the video.  He told them some lady was at the park taking pictures of the kids.
When his son came home with the picture he saw the card and texted about the video.
yea yea yea ,  They are now teaching their family and we are taking lots more pic-
     The other picture is Grandpa with Elder Si'ufanua and Elder Mmotong the night be-
fore they were transferred.  Elder Mmotong requested chicken fajitas again.  They had
both never had them before I made them the first time for them.  He asked for the recipe.
We feel blessed to have gotten to know them.  Elder Si'ufanua and Grandpa had been
having a contest to see who could lose the most weight by transfers and Elder Si'ufanua
won and was very excited .  
    Headed to the Air Port for transfers.  This is our side yard .  We feel blessed.
Most people in our complex don't have much of a yard.  If you look close at the 
wall you can see the broken glass on top and the electric fence.  The unfinished 
house in the background is typical, I am not sure if builders run out of money or
are waiting for a buyer or what.  

                        Here are some rhinos we saw at a animal park we went to in January.
                      There are only these two in the park and we had been driving around 
                       all day seeing lots of other animals but couldn't find them.  Just as we
                       were heading back for the dinner they were sighted heading for this
                        watering hole.   Made our day.   They are huge and always stay to-

                        I guess this is all for now, thanks for all the love and support.  We love
                        and miss everyone and wish you could be here with us.  We love be-
                        ing full time missionaries.    Love Elder and Sister Smith  


  1. Great pictures and commentary. Great talking to Greg today. We love you both and we are jealous. Keep the blog going. We love it!

  2. I don't know if you and Ina Mae have been following the Republican Primary, but the establishment Republicans are trashing Donald Trump. The more they trash him the more Alice and I and many other people are supporting him more. There has been record turnout for the primary and a lot of people are feed.