Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Mar 6, 2016

     Hello everyone,  it is Sunday evening March 6th.  We are trying to update this weekly or at least every other.  I  hear the grandkids like it and also Kent and Alice have responded.  This is a picture 
of the big rhino we saw last Tuesday. We went to an animal park about a half hour from where we live.  It costs about 4 dollars to drive around by yourself, and you can stay all day.  It was very fun and amazing to see all the big animals up so close.  This rhino got a little to close for grandpas comfort zone when it turned around after I took this picture.  It was close enough that I could have reached out and touched it.  Grandpa rolled up my window real fast. 

          There were a lot of wonderful Zebras.  I love them and the Rhinos.  There was a young Rhino also but he was a little hard to see in the picture.

                        The rhinos feet are real big, but in this picture they look small next to his 
                    very big body.

                           This is a picture of grandpa going across a bridge to an area where you can
                     sometimes see monkeys.  We didn't see any that day.  We have heard of a place,
                      not very far away, that we plan to go to.  They told us you see them along the
                     road as you drive.

     This is a group of kids from one of the more humble areas.  We go there and take their pictures.
   They love to get their pictures taken.  None of them are members of the church yet but we hope
    to change that soon.

         Last Thursday was zone conference and we always go out with the other senior couples from our Zone and also President and Sister Merrill.  They are the couple sitting by me.  She is almost a year younger than me and he is 62.  They are from Arizona but have lived all over.  It was also Stake
Conference this weekend so they stayed here all weekend.  We were able to spend Friday evening
with them and it was nice to have a little one on one time.  We  went out to dinner again and also
went with all of the senior couples again Saturday night after the adult meeting.  The next Stake conference is August 21st and I will turn 60. It has been a lot of meetings but they have been good
and we have learned a lot and met a lot of new people.  They are all very friendly and kind.

                           Saturday morning two of the senior couples came out to see where we live,
                      and to go to the beach .  This little lizard is the smallest one I've ever seen and
                      he did not want to get off of my chair.  If you look close you can see how nice
                      the sand is at blue water bay.  It takes two or three minutes to get there from our
                      house depending on if you hit the light green or not.

                           This is Elder Dangerfield and he is from the Isle Of Man.  He was amazed
                      that I had heard of it and that I knew of some of the people there because,
                      my brother Don had served there on his mission.  We were about to go into
                      our Saturday Evening Stake Meeting for adults.  This is our Stake house and
                      it is about 20 min from our house.

                           This darling little boy is about one and his name is Aluncedo.  He is our
                     Branch President, President Zitshu's son.  He was sitting with us during Stake
                     Conference.  He is a very sweet baby.   
                           Well, that is our last couple of weeks, when we take the kids pictures we 
                      print them and put them in envelopes with pass along cards.  We have had a dad
                      text that he was interested in the video and the missionaries took it to him.
                      They asked him how he heard about it and he told them that a lady was at the 
                       park taking pictures of the kids and that was how he got the pass along card.
                      They are now teaching them.  :]
                       Each day is a new great experience, we hope you are all doing well.  We love
                       the work but miss you all very much.   Lots of Love and thanks for the prayers.
                            We will send more soon.


  1. We love the pictures and the dialogue. We check the blog a couple times a week. Keep it up. We pray that you will find converts and that the spirit will direct you to those souls who are searching. Alice and I are going camping and fishing next month. Will post pics if I can figure out how.

  2. It's so fun to see what you guys are experiencing! It looks amazing! Keep the posts coming!! :) We love you! -Chelsie

  3. Greg & Inamae, I absolutely love seeing your blog. It looks like the children there are little hams, and love seeing you. The country looks beautiful. Cant wait to see some pictures of the monkeys. Hope you have settled into your new roles, and are loving the path that you are on. Keep up the awesome blog! Stay Safe and will keep you in my prayers.
    Amy (Tech-Flow)