Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 20, 2016

         Hello again everyone!  Hope your all doing well.  I am at Jeffery's Bay with Grandpa.  We were 
asked by the Stake to go to another Ward and do some family history training with their High Priests.
It is half way to Jeffery's Bay so, we are staying the night since it is our P-day tomorrow.      
This is a picture of our District after our District Meeting on Friday March 11th.  Most of the Elders have started a new work out routine and were wanting to show off their muscles so Grandpa had to join in.  Most of them gave me their Parents phone numbers so I could call their Moms.  I am excited to do it because I know how much I loved talking to people that were with my boys on their missions.

                           On Tuesday last week , March 15th we went to a rescue center for animals,
mostly penguins and some birds.  It is a non profit place and is about ten min from where we
live.  I LOVE penguins so I think they will be seeing a lot of us there.    The tour guy saw me
laughing at them and he said "You can't watch penguins and be mad."  They make me smile
and I just love watching them.  Check out the blue eyes on those birds.  They look like they are
painted on.  They were such  bright blue and they don't look real.  

      These pictures are from our Primary Activity that I made little books with their pictures on the front and it said "ALL ABOUT ME"  We  helped them fill out questions about themselves and we
started with a talent show and ended with decorating cupcakes.  The little boy in the black has learned
to raise his hands in the air when I say "So Big " to him and his mom is in the background laughing 
at him with her hands in the air.  It was a fun day !  I love helping in the Primary every week.

                            We are still taking pictures of the kids at the park each week and sending them home with pass along cards.  The kids are amazing and happier than most kids at christmas, because
they have a picture of themselves.  We are always humbled by them and they are happy and so
excited when we come.   We also have been printing stories from "The Friend Magazine" and
giving them to them.  We are trying to figure out where we could have a meeting here for the 
kids to learn more, we have at least 50 or more each time we go there who come to the car.
This park is about seven miles from where we meet for church.

           This is a picture of the Park during the day before the kids have seen our car.  The donkeys are
the lawn mowers for the Park.   We have had a few families show interest and have had some meetings, we have some more appointments this week. We are thankful for your prayers and love and support.   
            Hope you all have a great week.  We will post more later.  Lots of Love,  Grandma and Grandpa .

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  1. Thanks Mae. Love the pics and the stories. Just rediscovered your blog and had to read all the posts. We're going to Randolph for Easter so I'll show everyone how to access it. Sounds like you are both happy and well.
    Mark & Joan