Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 21, 2016

         Hello everyone,   Hope your all well.  We have had a great month and here are some of the pictures and highlights.  Elder Johnson and Elder Mumba found us a soup kitchen and they let us come and give them messages and pray for them.  Last week we gave out alot of pass along cards and booklets.  We are putting in a garden there today and take  them vegetables for their soup.   A lady that helps there took us to another soup kitchen that is letting us do the same there.

     Quite a few can't read english so that is another reason we are starting several English classes. They all still wanted a booklet though.  Very humble and sweet people.

           When we were taking in the vegetables we noticed that the bag of carrotts said "Jesus Saves"
    The young man next to Elder Johnson we call "X".  His name is Xolani or something like that but
     his mom is Sister Oliphant, the primary President that I talk about and love.  He goes with the
     Elders as their fellowshipper almost everyday.  He should get his call to serve any day now and he
     will be an amazing missionary.  He is 18 and has loved the gospel since the first day he heard
     about it.  They are also letting us use this building for the addiction recovery meetings.  YEA!!!
          This is Sister Oliphant with five new primary kids that we were welcoming last week.  I think
    we had about 25 kids.  No one mentioned Father's Day until I did in Primary and had them make
     a card for whoever they wanted to give one to.  About half don't have Dads in their lives.  Other
     than that Farther's Day wasnt mentioned.
          This is Elder Smith helping me with his phone and speaker to play the songs that we sing for Primary.  He usually has to stand because he has so many little curious ones who want his phone.

          Elder Johnson gets a kick out of me and my nursery class that I take outside so the other two
     classes can share our one primary room without too much distractions.  It is getting colder here
     now so it makes it harder to go outside.  Such cute little boys.  I also try to help them with their
         This is Mihiali Njezula the night before he left for his mission in Uganda.  That is his mom with
    us on the couch.  She isn't a member yet.  We were so excited when he got his call.  He had been
    doing all the paper work etc... for almost a year.  HE also went out with the missionaries some each
    day and will be a great missionary.  We love him.   After we took him to Walmer to the Stake
    House to get set apart they had Elder Smith give him a fathers blessing and it was nice for us to be
     a part of that.
          This is a picture of President Hamilton on the left and Elder Merrill's  cousin and secound Counselor, Elder Pershimg.   He came to tour our Mission for a week.  He just replaced President Cook.   He also did a few training meetings that we were able to go to.  We were at dinner when I took this picture.   We learned alot from him and really enjoyed getting to know him, he is doing an
amazing job.
                           Here we are with the Makoba's.   We have been teaching them together for
                      awhile now.  They are great people.  We hope they get baptized soon.  They
                      love their garden.
                            This is a pre-school across the street from the park where we go take pictures of the kids and give them pass along cards.  She came out and met us and told us she has about 30 little ones who come Mon-Fri to her pre-school.  she is letting us come now and teach them English and some primary.  The children are darling .
         This is a very sweet sister who got one of our pass along cards and asked for the video and loves the gospel.  She walks over two miles each way to the church with her two year old and five year old.  She is twenty five and asked when could she be baptized.  She has a very wonderful testimony.  The work here is so humbling and we feel so blessed to be a part of it.   Hope you all have a great week.

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