Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12, 2016 Post

                           Hello everyone!   This is Elder Johnson giving a sermon about taking care of our bodies and living the Word of Wisdom.  We came here to have an addition meeting but there were alot of people and kids so we just did a couple of talks and prayers and they loved it.  We meet at the same building as we do for the English classes.  It is called the St. John's Church.  They even lit the candles for us.   When we explained a little about the addiction classes we asked if there were any questions.   One of the Momma's said she was drunk right now and needs help.  It was a great meeting and we hope to have many more.
         We had Elder Debeers and Elder Soto , the Zone Leaders over for dinner with our Elders.  They are great Elders and we really enjoy them.  
         Some of the kids that come each week to learn English from the St. John's Church neighborhood.  They get so excited about their papers and getting to take them home to do for home-work.  We copy of about 200 a week for the different English classes and we love doing it.  We had about another 25 join us before we were through.
         These Elder are the two Zones in the Port Elizabeth area.  We all met at Pres. and Sis. Pershing's
     for a barbecue for the 4th of July.  They are good eaters and great Elders.
         It is hard to beat Blue Water Bay Beach.  July is winter here but we have had a few nice days.  It was 80 degrees Monday so we used our P-day and went to enjoy the beach and sun for an hour.  We are usually pretty much alone on the beach, when we go on a week day.   I find real different sea shells when we go and I love them. That is Elder Smith in the picture. We feel very blessed to be serving here and miss you all so very much.
Bye for now.

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